Building in Lower Southend Road

By Jo Cullen

This house stood in Lower Southend Road beside the subway. It was a dentist's surgery at one time.

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I can recall visiting that dentist's during the early to mid '70s. I can remember the bungalow almost opposite (next to the Rotary Club) that was demolished to make way for the bypass. I went to Wickford C of E school in about 1967 with a girl called Anita Richardson who lived there. She had a younger sister too. I can recall her telling the story of why she was moving - to make way for a new road!

By John Wilkinson
On 20/06/2013

I moved away in 1968 and went back on a motorbike  around 1980. I turned into Southend Road from the High Street to thunder up the pair of hills that used to be there ..... only to find to my horror - a dead end.  I almost cried when I saw that they's destroyed the brickfields to create a terrible housing estate. So many memories crushed in an instant.

By Eddie Franklin
On 13/08/2014
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