Runwell Road - the site of an early youth club

By Jo Cullen

This building in Runwell Road, now demolished, used to have a youth club and then a dancing studio on its upper floor. It was almost opposite the petrol station.

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I do not remember a youth club here, but I did leave Wickford in the early seventies. I recall this being where Darby's had their works, which burnt down in the late sixties.

By charles young
On 07/11/2012

The club was called The Wickers and was run by some ex-offenders (I seem to recall bullion robbers).  They opened the club to keep the youths of Wickford off the streets and away from crime. It was packed with video games and pool and snooker tables. From memory it was open for about 2 years, circa 1981.

By Tracy Morley (nee Greaves)
On 06/04/2013

I remember the youth club, it was above Modern Homes (a building supplies as I recall ). And as Tracey said, it had all the latest video games, etc, and they used to show videos once a week. Good memories.

By Mark Godfrey
On 17/10/2013
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