Wickford Secondary School 1951/2 - School Play,

'Lady Precious Stream'

Corinne Yeo

This photograph was taken outside the front of Wickford Secondary School, now the Junior School.  You can just see the roof of the Junior School, now the Infants School.  In the foreground are Spencer and Corks' greenhouses.

The production was Lady Precious Stream and the year approximately 1951/2.   The play was produced by Mr J.T. Phillips (an inspirational teacher who helped so many pupils with their education and helped them realize their dreams). He later became head of The Helena Romanes School in Dunmow. He was ably assisted by Mrs Gray (needlework teacher), Mr Crook (woodwork teacher) and Mr D Pelmear (art teacher).

The children in the picture are :- Back row left to right - Betty Jordan - Marie Jewell - Olive Guest - Rita Boulderstone - Norman Golding - Theresa Vaughan - Corinne Tilbury - Betty Hall - Gordon Bloom - Pat Mattocks - Pat Moss - Moira Henderson - Phillis Pitt - Phillis Wallace.

Middle row seated left to right - Margaret Stephens - Henry Hamber - Brian Evers - Dennis Mitcheson - Roy Smith - Margaret Geare - Margaret Whitlock - Phillis Mack - Shirley Hellings (who played the part of Lady Precious Stream).

Front row left to right: Edward Stocker - Roy Steward - Leslie Varney - Cyril Styles - John Stocker - Robert Croot - Patrick Black.

Other pupils involved with the production were - Michael Blenkarn - Richard Hollis - June Tooke - Veronica Wallace - Evelyn Macklesworth - Robert Catchpole and John Holbrooke, making a total of 38 children.   Quite a mammoth production.      Does the above ring any bells for anyone?

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Hello Corinne, this is Mr Nobody, second from right on bottom row wearing a top hat, whoever he was. It's nice to hear the names of pupils coming back. How many of us still in Wickford? Perhaps we should get together again.

By bobcroot
On 27/01/2016

Loved seeing this picture, brought back happy memories. I was told of the site by Denis Mitcheson...not bad as I am in Canada.

By Shirley hellings
On 04/08/2016

I remember Shirley. How's Canada, we have been there a couple of times and correspond with a family who moved there.

By bobcroot
On 05/11/2016
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