Wickford Market circa 1920s

By Jo Cullen

An early photo of Wickford Market.

Photo:Wickford Market.

Wickford Market.

Marion Hurst

Photo:This photograph was on a postcard. The cost of postage for 'inland' was a halfpenny so when might this scene have been?

This photograph was on a postcard. The cost of postage for 'inland' was a halfpenny so when might this scene have been?

Andrew Hart

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Hello. Have you got any old photos (50s/60s) of the old Wickford Market? My parents had stalls there then, when we stood under the big tin sheds. Near us under the small tin stalls stood Mrs. Bond and her daughter Phoebe. Wonderful memories. I think the market was owned by a lady and her son, probably farmers. Can't think of the name of the man who ran it for him.

By B. Paris
On 11/02/2012

Hi, The market was run by Mrs. Harvey and her son, Raymond.

By Diane Rieper (nee Roberts)
On 10/07/2012

Thank you, I remember now it was Mrs Harvey and her son. The man who managed the market was a very neat chap, again, forgotten the name!! There were some wonderful characters there and at Pitsea Market. Great times, sadly long gone. Barbara

By B. Paris
On 23/07/2012

The Market stayed in the family, taken over by Ray Harvey and his wife June, and was running it until I moved out of the area aprox 5 years ago.

By Alistaire Hoad
On 05/10/2012

Was this the market that was in Market Road, or was it the one by The Swan?

By Jo Cullen
On 16/08/2013

Emily Harvey was my grandmother and Raymond (Ray) was my father who ran the market in Wickford. The market had been run by my grandfather's parents before that, altogether the market or part of it was in my family for over 100 years. In the 1970s the market was moved from its orginal site which is where the Willow Centre is (where Boots is) to its present site. My father continued to run it until 2006 when ill health forced him to retire.

By Debbie Thaxter nee Harvey
On 25/11/2013
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