Wickford Chamber of Trade Christmas party

Photograph from the 1950's

By John Fuller

My father, Charles 'Ginger' Fuller, was a member of Wickford Chamber of Trade. I was unable to find him in this photograph, it is likely as soon as he saw the camera he vanished from the marquee.

My Mother stayed and is the fourth women from the left seated.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Wickford Chamber of Trade Christmas party' page

Photo-Flash, London Road, Wickford Tel Wickford 2341!!!

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So mum and dad will be in there too, unless my dad also left before the photos which he did a lot! 

By Frances Dartford
On 13/01/2015

Yes, my mother, Christina GADSDON is the lady standing third from the right (wearing a necklace). No sign of my father who also hid from cameras or closed his eyes!

On 12/02/2015

I remember the Gadsdons very well, and recognised your mother in this photo. Frankie?

By Jennifer Dignum Nee Weeks
On 27/02/2015

Valerie Gadston, she went to St George's School. Did her family own a garage at Wickford?

By Lorraine Taylor
On 13/03/2015

Yes Jennifer (nee Weeks) it's me, Frankie! Remember Coronation Day? 

Lorraine Taylor - Valerie is my sister and we both went to Miss Hutchinson's.  We did have garages on Southend Road and Nevendon, Fuller & Gadsdon. This site put me in touch with John Fuller, son of my dad's business partner.

By Frances Dartford
On 01/04/2015

I went to junior school with Jennifer Weeks! My sister, Valerie, was named after Valerie Gadston as my brother, Derek, went to school with Valerie Gadston when he was about 5 years old and wanted that name for his new sister.

By Janet Edridge
On 02/01/2016

I too remember the Gadson family when at secondary school in Market Road in the late 40s/early50s.  At one time I had a schoolboy crush on the daughter at the time, (was it Valerie?)

By bobcroot
On 11/01/2016
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