The Murley Club, Shotgate.

Can you help?

By Jo Cullen

The Murley Club was well established in Shotgate by the late 1940s. These photos are of a social night (possibly a Tramps' Supper?) c1948.  Do you remember the club or recognise anyone in the photos?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Murley Club, Shotgate.' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Murley Club, Shotgate.' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Murley Club, Shotgate.' page
This page was added by Jo Cullen on 22/05/2013.
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I think they met in a hall or barn opposite Fred's Timber Yard. Does anyone remember it? I don't know who the people are. It would also be nice to know if that's how to spell Murley and what it means.

By Maurice Wakeham
On 31/05/2013

The Murley Social Club was along Bruce Grove and every Saturday night my parents would go. Dad used to be in the darts team and mum used to drag him along to the dances

By Tony Warner
On 01/07/2013

The Merley club was further up, where the bungalows are now opposite the side road. My sister Sonia Nathan married Frank Guilder and had her wedding reception there in 1953. Murtons, Nathans were members. The owner overbalanced and was drowned in a water barrel, in the yard. It was started in the late thirties

By gertrude harris
On 25/10/2013

I don't remember the club as I was only seven when we moved to Shotgate in 1955, but I do remember the hall in Bruce Grove, next door to the Baptist church. I went to Girls Life Brigade in the hall.

By Janice Webb
On 16/01/2014

I can see my Mum and Dad in the photos, Fred and Gwen Richardson, they run the Murley club and I was born there on 28th January 1955. I would love a copy of the photos with my mum and dad in. I have photos of them with me behind the bar if you'd like a copy. 

By Phil Richardson
On 05/05/2014

My mum and dad used to go to whist drives there. Their names were John and Edie Billinge. I am their daughter Barbara.

By Barbara Carter
On 04/05/2015

The Murley club was located on land now occupied by bungalows 276 & 274 Southend Road. These were built around 1955.

By Peter Vickers
On 02/03/2017
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