The Button Factory

By Jo Cullen

In 1945 the Ideal Button and Novelty Co. Ltd. applied to Billericay Council to enlarge an existing building near Wickford Station. The council refused, but either they later relented or the button factory found another building, because by the end of the 1940s a button factory opened close to the the station. Mr Barry White has sent in this aerial photo pointing out the position of the factory

Photo:The button factory can be seen at the top centre

The button factory can be seen at the top centre

Barry White

This page was added by Jo Cullen on 11/08/2012.
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I am glad Barry has proved me right on the Button Factory, of which I wrote about somewhere on this website earlier, it was all windows so you could see the women working.

On 26/09/2012

For a long time folk have been talking about the POW Camp or the Army Camp that was part of Nevendon Road during the war years. Take a look at the above aerial photograph, extreme bottom right hand side; there still in situ is the last hut left standing which became the first Wickford Clinic and where I had all my early immunisations as a baby. A photograph of this hut I have not long submitted for inclusion on the subject of the camp, when used by the bombed out homeless in 1946/7. The huts were sectioned off to accommodate two families, one each end of a hut with a communal room in the centre.

By Trevor A. Williams
On 20/05/2014

I can remember this factory, one of the girls from my school went to work there.

By Lorraine Taylor
On 09/03/2015

I too remember this prefabricated hut as a clinic. I used to go there with my mum regularly as I was a puny child in those days and had cod liver oil and malt issued, three jelly oil pills and spoonfull's of cod liver oil and malt. Lovely, tell your mother. I used to have to collect it from the headmaster's secretary every Monday morning. Can you still get cod liver oil and malt?

By bob croot
On 09/03/2015

Bob, yes you can still get Cod Liver Oil and Malt, but just why you might want to is beyond my comprehension!

By Don Joy
On 15/09/2015

I do not need cod liver oil and malt now as I am a big strapping lad teetering on the edge of 80 years! Just wondered if it was still on the market.

By bobcroot
On 26/12/2016
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