Swan Lane, circa 1910

This photographs shows the lower end of Swan Lane as it joins the Broadway.

The main group of seven children are standing outside Victoria Terrace with two more standing at the back of 'The Swan' at the end of the road.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Swan Lane, circa 1910' page

donated by Mr C Hall

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The detached house between The Swan pub and Victoria Terrace was called Victoria Villa.

By Jo Cullen
On 18/11/2011

Hi My wife's family are Gigneys, and sold land at 1-4 Victoria Terrace, Swan Lane, just 10 years after the picture was taken. Can anyone confirm if any of the children are GIGNEYS as we have few pictures of them. They were among lots sold at auction in 1920 and wonder which, if any, of the properties or effects mentioned in the sale catalogue exist, or are there any photos of the the period? Mention is made of Jersey Gardens, Hall Lane, Rylands London Road, public hall, Emscott and a pump. Thank you.  John Wells

By john wells
On 05/01/2013

Having lived up Brock Hill since birth, I can tell you Wickford flooded like the picture every time it rained. As a young boy I used to walk to school from Brock Hill to save the penny bus fare my mother gave me, to buy a Chelsea bun. When I got to the Swan pub I turned around and went home saying I could not go to school because the High Street was flooded and my boots were not tall enough.

You guessed it, I didn't like school.

By Bob Croot
On 20/10/2014

I also walked the distance to and from school, it was St George's, from Brock Hill. I saved the bus fare I was given for two of the journeys, had to walk home for lunch as school was closed for two hours, then spent some of the money on an ice cream from the newsagents opposite the Swan Pub on a Friday in term time. 

By Lorraine Taylor
On 30/09/2017