Photographs without information.

Can you help?

By Jo Cullen

These photos were given to us at a Wickford History Day, but the notes have been lost. Can you identify them please? I believe they all have a connection with The Congregational Church.

Photo:Photograph 1

Photograph 1

Mrs cartledge

Photo:Photograph 2

Photograph 2

Mrs Cartledge

Photo:Photograph 3

Photograph 3

Mrs Cartledge

Photo:Photograph 4

Photograph 4

Mrs Cartledge

Photo:Photograph 5

Photograph 5

Mrs Cartledge

Photo:Photograph 6 - Elizabethan Banquet.

Photograph 6 - Elizabethan Banquet.

Mrs Cartledge

Photo:Victory Party, Wick Lane, 1945.

Victory Party, Wick Lane, 1945.

Mr Cartledge

Photo:Photograph 8

Photograph 8

Mrs Cartledge

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