Charlie Simpson's children outside Wickford School.

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Trevor Williams

Photo:Roy Simpson

Roy Simpson

Trevor Williams

By Trevor Williams

One thing that hasn't changed is the iron railings behind them, which are still in situ to this day. This photograph came to me courtesy of the late Roy Simpson, the little lad on the  right. I first met Roy in the Royal British Legion many years ago; he was a very bubbly lad, always smiling, and he loved talking about old Wickford. It's strange how events, families and village or town folk can have a mark on your life. The young lad on the left is Ray Simpson who married a young Italian lady who had his two children Gigliola (Gilly) and Ricky. I met Gilly at school in Beauchamps and that very pretty young girl became my first childhood sweetheart.....and she broke it!!! Her brother Ricky is still a very good friend today. Their mother ended up as my neighbour of many years, until she passed away. 'Gizzy' Simpson, as she was referred to, was a wonderful women who would help anyone and was a wonderful friend.

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Having read the above on Charlie Simpson's children, the reference to Charlie's son (Alan) should read Ray......either my predicted text or my brain was on over load....apologies.

By Trevor A.Williams
On 04/07/2014

Trevor, your script goes wrong after the bit about ROY Simpson. The young man on the left of the picture is Alan Simpson, who was older than Roy, and the girl between them is Iris, the eldest of Charlie and my mum's sister Florie's three children. Alan has died recently, and Iris still lives alone just outside Cumbernauld in Scotland.

Your text about Ray Simpson is correct, but Ray was the son of Charlie's brother Ben about whom I have written an add-on to Bob Croot's article.


By Dennis Smith
On 02/01/2015
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