Richard Bartlett, Remembering Major Bartlett and his companion

Memory from 1952

By Mrs Jean Cox

Major Bartlett was always followed by his pet goose

I was a young girl working in the Sub Post Office, which was situated at that time in Pardy & Johnson's in the Broadway. A gentleman who frequently came in to the post office was Major Bartlett. This in itself is nothing unusual until I tell you that the gentleman was always followed by his pet goose.

While the Major attended to his business in the Post Office, the goose would happily wait until he came out and then off they would go, man and goose together. This as you may appreciate caused quite a few surprises.

Photo:Richard Bartlett's pet goose.  Photograph taken by Tom May's father. (See comment below)

Richard Bartlett's pet goose. Photograph taken by Tom May's father. (See comment below)

Tom May

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I also remember Major Bartlett and his goose. He also had an Old English Sheep dog and both the dog and the goose used to follow him wearing panniers on each side to collect rent or donations for the Salvation Army.

By Bob Croot
On 17/12/2011

Can anyone come up with a picture of Major Bartlett and his dog /goose collecting on the early streets of Wickford as no picture seems to exist.  Please please, to prove I am right.

By Bob Croot
On 02/09/2012

My grandfather lived with the Bartletts when he was a teen. My grandfather and Jack Bartlett (son of Richard Bartlett) were close friends. My grandfather was later in the Salvation Army before emigrating to the United States in 1911. I believe Jack died in World War I. I have some 1919 photos of Richard Bartlett. I also have some 1952 photos of the Bartletts when my dad visited them in England. Included is a photo of his pet goose. I remember my Dad talking about the goose. Unfortunately, the photo is a standalone of the goose, not one of the goose following him around.

By Tom May
On 22/01/2013

Good,we are getting somewhere now. Surely some of you older inhabitants (1950s) remember the dog and goose of Major Bartlett collecting in Wickford High Street.  I am surprised that all the slides of peter hall never showed this scene in any of his photo shows.  Please show this scene someone.

By Bob Croot
On 08/03/2013
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