By SANDRA ELLIS (Nee Flexman)

The top picture was aptly named as 'Old Folks Dinner' by my Mum, who left me the picture.  All I know is that the lady seated second back from the front on the left is my Grandmother, Elizabeth Carter (nee Rogers) and the lady in front of her 'Granny Warner'.  My grandmother died in 1931 so it is some time after that.  There may be somebody someone recognises?

The other two pictures, both of my Dad, Leslie Flexman (on the left) and A N Other, are presumably when they were on a painting or repairing job somewhere.  Could it have been Runwell Church?  My Dad was a foreman electrician in his latter years, at Crompton Parkinson in Chelmsford.  Perhaps this was before those days.  I would be interested to know where this was, what he was doing and who his accomplice was!

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'PEOPLE OF OLD WICKFORD' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'PEOPLE OF OLD WICKFORD' page
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