It took a long time coming

Photo:The new Life Church, The Wick

The new Life Church, The Wick

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The new Life Church, on the Wick.

By Jo Cullen

Many years ago when the were laying out the plots of land on The Wick, a plot was designated to have a church built on it. The years went on and the Wick changed from being farmland to having small plotland homes built on it. These were gradually abandoned or sold off and now there is a massive housing estate built on it. The plot of land which was bought for a church has at last been built on and the New Life Church is now open.

The Church is very close to the Tesco Store. Does anyone have any memories of the plots that the shops and church are now built on? We are particularly interested in anyone who may have a copy of the layout of the plots when they were originally sold.

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